Front Upper Camber Arms (’92-’95 Civic, ’94-’01 Integra)

Front Upper Camber Arms (’92-’95 Civic, ’94-’01 Integra)


  • $295.00

Product Description


The PCI front upper spherical camber arms improve performance and allow for more precise suspension tuning.  The versatile design allows the caster to be increased by up to 2.0 degrees when paired with the PCI bronze bearing kit.


  • Adjustable camber up to 1.5 degrees positive  to 2.5 degrees negative past OEM arms
  • CNC machined 4140 steel adjustable spherical bearing block
  • CNC machined and heat treated stainless steel high misalignment 45 degree spacers
  • Zinc plated 3/16″ super stiff steel arms
  • Fine thread 10 mm 10.9 grade hardware


  • Compact design allows factory suspension travel to be retained
  • Reduced tire temperature and tire wear
  • Improved cornering, braking and throttle response
  • Allows for increased positive caster*
  • Reduced wheel alignment changes
  • Very stiff 3/16″ steel arms eliminate unwanted arm flex
  • Long lasting, maintenance free and fully rebuild-able

*When paired with PCI (# BB-EGDC-U) bronze bearing kit, caster can be moved +2 degrees over OEM (must offset bearings)



  • ’92-’95 Honda Civic
  • ’94-2001 Acura Integra

MSRP $295


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