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The New GTC-200 has:
- Larger chord than the original GTC-200.
- More aggressive camber than the original GTC-200.
- Higher lift/drag (L/D) ratio than the original GTC-200.
- More downforce than the original GTC-200.
- Backwards compatibility with all original GTC-200 mounting brackets and pedestals.


Spanning 60.5 inches over its optimized 3D airfoil shape, the APR Performance New GTC-200 Adjustable Wing supplies maximum downforce in  midsize and compact car applications.

GTC-200 Adjustable Wing

GTC-200 Adjustable Wing


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Pattern 2x2 twill weave
Material Pre-preg carbon fiber, 3K
Coating UV-stable clear coat
Wing Span New: 60.5" w/ variable Angle-of-Attack (AOA) (center section vs outer section angle difference: 14 degrees)
original: 59.5" w/ variable Angle-of-Attack (AOA) (center section vs outer section angle difference: 12 degrees)
Hardware Stainless-steel machine screws, washers, and nuts
Mounting 6061 billet aluminum brackets/pedestals with application-specific bottom mounting bases


The APR Performance New GTC-200 Adjustable Wing features a 3D airfoil shape that is designed to produce balanced downforce across its span on midsize and compact car applications.

Each GTC Series airfoil is composed of lightweight and durable pre-preg carbon fiber composite materials for superior strength and low weight.

Aerodynamically-tuned side plates (aka end plates), included with every GTC Series Adjustable Wing, are critical components that help to ensure consistent airflow across the full span of the airfoil.

Supporting the airfoils are 10mm "aircraft grade" 6061 billet aluminum pedestals that come in a flat black powder coat finish.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Modeled in 3D and validated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the APR Performance New GTC-200 Adjustable Wing is designed to adapt to a variety of midsize and compact car applications.


Contained herein are the data and results of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that was conducted on the New GTC-200 airfoil. This data illustrates how the airfoil performs in different conditions by comparing Downforce vs. Angle-of-Attack (AOA) vs. Speed, and Drag vs. AOA vs. Speed. This data will provide insight with regards to how and how much the airfoil performs with respect to these conditions.

To learn how to interpret and apply this type of CFD data, see sample analysis on the GTC-300 page.

DATA (w/o Gurney)


The information contained herein is property of APR Performance, and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent from APR Performance.


Gurney Flaps

Gurney flaps are available for all APR Performance GTC Series (200/300/500) wings. These are super lightweight, made using pre-preg carbon fiber processes, and conform perfectly to the contours of the GTC series 3D airfoils. They are easily attached using the included double-sided tape.



Wing Dimensions

Measurements for the GTC-200 Adjustable Wing (same for New and original models) are shown in the table below. Pedestal-to-pedestal distances are indicated for standard applications. Custom pedestal-to-pedestal distances can be accommodated for custom applications.

  A B C D E F G
Lotus Elise 2002-Up % # 10.0" 19.0" 7.25" 4.5" 4.5"
Lotus Exige 2007-Up % # 10.0" 19.0" 7.25" 4.5" 4.5"

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